"The Breeze of the Sweet Memories" 

About Us

The owners of Raya Resort are passionate about the local environment, and take great care to preserve this beauty spot on the Cha-am beachfront. The unique charm and character of the luxury resort in Cha-am is reminiscent of a bygone era with unspoiled nature as far as the eye can see and renovated architecture that dates back to the reign of King Rama V. The old-world charm is complimented by luxurious in-room comforts and gracious warm hospitality that is heartfelt and personal.

Raya Resort Cha-am is the winner of the Thailand Boutique Award 2010 in the criteria of Outstanding Award for Renovation and Modification in the Southern Region.

Raya Resort Cha-am has revamped a 14 rai, creating a 16 room and villa complex nestled in a lush, decades-old garden. Featuring a prime location, Raya Resort is one of the few high-end retreat options on Cha-am's beachfront.